happy Yalda night

Posted by Maedeh Ashrafi (Hamedan, Iran) on 22 December 2017 in Lifestyle & Culture and Portfolio.

Shab-e Yalda ("Yalda night" Persian: شب یلدا‎) or Shab-e Chelleh ("night of forty", Persian: شب چله‎) is a Persian festival celebrated on the "longest and darkest night of the year," Yalda is a winter solstice celebration.that is, in the night of the Northern Hemisphere's winter solstice. Calendrically, this corresponds to the night of December 20/21 (±1) in the Gregorian calendar, and to the night between the last day of the ninth month (Azar) and the first day of the tenth month (Dey)[ of the Iranian civil calendar.
The longest and darkest night of the year is a time when friends and family gather together to eat, drink and read poetry (especially Hafez) until well after midnight. Fruits and nuts are eaten and pomegranates and watermelons are particularly significant

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گاه گاهي براي دل بي قرار خودم مينويسم وعكس ميگيرم.درنوشته ها وعكسهايم به دنبال مخاطب خاصي نيستم،چون اصراري به در بندكردن تخيلات شما ندارم
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